Printed Polythene Carrier Bags at Express Packaging in Birmingham

Polythene carrier bags are the most common type of plastic bag. Polythene carrier bags are durable, less permeable than paper carrier bags, waterproof and resistant to many chemicals. Printed polythene carrier bags are lightweight and easy to store.

Express Packaging provide a wide range of polythene bags including T-Shirt Bags or Vest Carriers, Punched Aperture Handle Carrier Bags, Flexi Loop Handle Carrier Bags, Clip-Close Carriers, Duffle Bags with a Drawstring and Boutique Style Carrier Bags.

Polythene bags and the environment

Most of our printed polythene carrier bags can be made out of Oxo-Biodegradable polythene. However, our standard polythene carrier bags have bonuses to the environment as well:

  • 100% re-usable
  • Can be Recycled and/or Made out of Recycled Polythene
  • Manufacturing polythene carrier bags takes 4x less energy than that of paper