Promotional Environmentally Friendly Carrier Bags at Express Packaging

Our eco-friendly carrier bags and personalised printed bags for life can be reused many times, which is an excellent alternative to single use plastic carrier bags and single use paper carrier bags.

Using personalised environmentally friendly carrier bags for your business show your customers that you care about the environment. Printing your business name on an eco-friendly carrier bag comes with the added benefit that your company name will be seen over and over again, every time a customer re-uses your carrier bags.

As a company, Express Packaging are always exploring new packaging technologies for promotional environmentally friendly carrier bags. Two popular alternatives to our standard plastic carrier bags are Sugar-Cane Polythene bags (polymers are made from ethanol derived from sugar canes), which are carbon neutral and 100% recyclable and Potato Starch Polythene Bags which are 100% compostable in your home compost.